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The Vecco platform provides cost effective, full featured functionality for enterprises with large and highly complex international value chains and is inherently scalable with no reengineering required.  Vecco’s software supports a comprehensive set of collaborative business processes that encompass OEM best practices.  Vecco software has been proven in the world’s largest hi-tech supply chain in a “mission critical” application to manage inbound inventory movement among over 250 global business partners.  

OEMs require a system to balance risk of impacting customers, reduce premium freight, , manage inventory better and reduce strain on engineering validation resources.  The key capability components required are listed below.

  • Monitor demand throughout supply chain and develop production plans
  • End to end visibility and alerting providing the time to react to engineering changes, scheduling errors, capacity shortages, quality issues, catastrophic events, etc.

The Vecco platform enables Manufacturers to transition from their current reactive supply chain information flow to a proactive future state.

Value chains are in constant change, gradually and often disruptively.  Forecasts are valid for a few days at best, BOMS change, and unforeseen disruptions are the norm.  Supporting growth and rapidly changing market conditions requires a system with the ability to readily adapt to continuous change.  The platform can easily be extended to cover all future products and value chain configurations without requiring re-implementation.  Vecco is 100% configurable, requiring no ‘hard coding’.  We provide end user tools that enable substantial self-sufficiency by the OEM once implementation and training have been completed.

 Diagram of a supply chain

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Vecco has unique capabilities in multi-partner/multi-system/multi-site data integration enabling the provision of end-to-end value chain visibility, proactive alerting and solution response to plan deviations.  Vecco’s Collaborative Application Framework (CAF) harmonizes data across all sites in the supply chain network regardless of the system of record, speaking to partners with no system changes needed.  CAF enables Vecco to leverage and synchronize ERP, S&OP, demand forecasts, WMS, and other enterprise systems into a coherent single daily data source.  Data integration and validation options range from full integrations to file exchange, web services, web portals, EDI, Excel, etc.

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