Asset Management / Equipment Rentals

Vecco has built a Control Tower (Asset CT) for use by multi-site equipment rental companies.  Vecco’s unique system will:

1) Assist in improving the Return on Controlled Assets (ROCA) at all levels optimizing the frequency and cost of asset transfers between branches while achieving customer service fill rate and asset utilization objectives. 

2) Provide a platform to execute the fleet optimization algorithms utilized by the Rental Company. 

3) Tools to apply region and corporate level forecast parameters to the demand history to generate new demand scenarios and to compare resulting required asset fleets to current fleet composition,  Executive dashboards will help identify and anticipate District / Branch level demand drivers, such as construction, weather , cultural and sporting events by mapping actual historical experience into predictive tools using “Big Data” concepts.

4) Provide a flexible control tower for Region and Corporate Fleet managers to more easily model asset demand and availability in order to optimally purchase and deploy fleet assets at corporate levels. 

5) Implement Transfer and Substitution decision making tools to allow either staff and / or management review of each recommended transfer decision and return options to original branch or to alternate branch locations to support the optimal next rental. 

The Asset CT is a fully functional system built upon Vecco’s patented CT Conductor Software Suite running on its Collaborative Application Framework (CAF) platform. The Asset CT utilizes Vecco’s configurable workflows and business process policy functions, with configurable role and user-based security. No special on premise hardware or software will be required. 

Vecco’s CT technology allows for seamless telescoping of lower level, daily and weekly operational data up into monthly and quarterly/annual time buckets and up into regional and corporate organizational summaries. Conversely, high -level quarterly/annual corporate plans can be decomposed using configurable factors down into daily and weekly branch/metro/district forecasts and allocations. 

Vecco’s configurability enables a staged rollout with minimal disruption to operations and empowers Clients to seamlessly modify locations, business rules, inventory categorization, seasonal factors and all other static elements of the predictive execution model.

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