Building Industry

The building industry is experiencing multiple supply chain and sustainability challenges as it transitions to a more manufacturing centric and environmentally friendly model of construction.  This briefly lays out the key functional elements reflecting how the Vecco solution can be applied to solve critical supply chain problems currently being experienced by GCs, large and small contractors, distributors, developers, manufacturer reps and other key participants (large and small) in the construction industry.

  • the full service bespoke Vecco software serves the supply chain requirements of major distributors, electrical and mechanical contractors at a cost less than 50% of competing solutions.  Vecco has the immediate capability to address generic supply chain as well as company/site specific challenges by integrating its existing full-featured system with whatever accounting and other systems of record that the company may utilize.  
  • tens of thousands of smaller subcontractors can utilize Vecco’s SMB product Each of these has immediate SC needs.  Each of these companies will be expected to address its environmental footprint by more effectively managing supply chain issues.  

Vecco’s enterprise system provides critical supply chain related functionality for its building industry clients:

Materials management capabilities that have multi-tier supply chain management functionality for both the GC and specialty trade contractors to ensure that the materials and sub-assemblies arrive at the right place at the right time.  Vecco’s patented and proprietary Value Chain Resource Planning (VCRP) environment similarly stores all supply chain, supplier, lead time, production constraint, and logistical data in a single digital information platform.  VCRP will enable a seamless two-way integration with the common data environment (CDE) containing BIM, Revvit or other design data. Vecco can leverage whatever demand and inventory management system each client is already using to generate its purchase needs from suppliers providing an almost immediate large ROI and environmental improvement.

Sustainability sensibilities and environmental impact audit functionality.  Increasingly, contractors are required to do the right thing by tracking the environmental footprint of the project from raw materials through completion.  Synergistically, a more effective supply chain will support the most effective usage of materials, time, manpower, and energy. The SC business is synergistically complementary to the environmental scoring activity.  The Vecco solution enables clients to more effectively complete forecasting, purchasing, reducing waste, and managing inventory for building implementation and providing visibility into all the supply chain partners for sustainability data.  By providing an integrated full-service product – containing both the sustainability diagnosis and tools to operationalize the supply chain optimization ‘cure’, Vecco offers the only comprehensive end to end solution. 

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