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Healthcare Value Chain Solutions for Pharma, Med-tech and Providers

Pharma, Bio-Tech and Med-Tech firms, Distributors and Healthcare providers struggle with inefficient value chains. All lack visibility into their inbound supply chain and lack timely upstream demand signals. Many providers and supplier lack harmonized data, even within their own organizations. Providers cannot see the materials they have at care sites in real time either, and suffer large product expiry losses while care providers often spend up to 15% of every shift resolving material issues.

Vecco delivers healthcare value chain visibility across all types of supplier, distributor and provider networks. You do not need to change your underlying systems to achieve Vecco powered visibility… We integrate to your / your partner’s data and harmonize it. We enable partners to share key data with you without their needing to buy or install new software. No new equipment of any kind is required. We work with any equipment and systems you have.

We enable hospital networks and / or their chosen partners to see virtual perpetual inventories and consumption of those materials across those networks in near real time. Our mobile enabled demand and supply visibility allows you to see what is happening, and is likely to happen across your value chain – without turning trained staff / care givers into inventory clerks!

Vecco’s integrated platform lets you plan and manage the flow of materials according to your preferred workflows and business processes. The chosen plans are synchronized to your financial systems and to your key partners. Execution of the plans is monitored in real time and you / partners are alerted when events or demands are likely to disrupt your targeted performance goals. You can act before the potential shortages or expiries affect caregivers and patients. You can avoid wasteful expiry losses.

Provider’s business or operating unit managers can see their real-time material consumption and costs for the first time. Anonymized EHR records can even be correlated against consumption to help predict future need more accurately.

Call us with your challenges and we will surprise you with affordable solutions that scale quickly from a single product line or unit to a national network.

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Supply Chain 4.0 enabling the Digital Enterprise and Industry 4.0

Supply Chain 4.0 enabling the Digital Enterprise and Industry 4.0

The real value of the “Digital Enterprise” movement & Industry 4.0 can only be realized unless it is encompassed and orchestrated by parallel automation/Digitization of the ‘Supply Chain’ delivery mechanism. “Global supply chain flows must become increasingly digital and integrated, and end-to-end data will be driven in real-time, exponentially increasing upstream information flows and driving integration across the extended value chain”… thus the recent emergence of the “Supply Chain Management 4.0” movement. Read more in this recent research by... read more

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