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The electronics industry is among the most deeply multi-tier of all value chains. Some of the first and oldest multi-tier management solutions grew up in this industry. These solutions, however, are children of their times of origin. Today’s solutions, such as VCRPTM, are more flexible and efficient. Today’s electronics chains require the ability to constantly flex choices of partners, logistics lanes, customer buying patterns and technology choices. Product life cycles are measured in months, not years.

You must have the flexibility to drive this dynamism, not suffer the problems it causes for hard coded / script based solutions. VCRP delivers this and more, with user based business process configuration and real-time user managed network/supplier/logistics changes. New product introductions are managed by users, not consultants or software suppliers, and are synchronized across multiple tiers of supply and distribution. Experience the difference today.

Supply Chain 4.0 enabling the Digital Enterprise and Industry 4.0

Supply Chain 4.0 enabling the Digital Enterprise and Industry 4.0

The real value of the “Digital Enterprise” movement & Industry 4.0 can only be realized unless it is encompassed and orchestrated by parallel automation/Digitization of the ‘Supply Chain’ delivery mechanism. “Global supply chain flows must become increasingly digital and integrated, and end-to-end data will be driven in real-time, exponentially increasing upstream information flows and driving integration across the extended value chain”… thus the recent emergence of the “Supply Chain Management 4.0” movement. Read more in this recent research by... read more

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