End-to-End Value Chain Management

Manage End-to-End Value Chains With The Same Ease that ERP Manages An Enterprise

Value Chain Resource Planning™ (VCRP) enables companies to synchronize their end-to-end value chains to maximize business performance. Brand Owners can Visualize, Plan and Collaboratively Manage End-to-End value chains across multiple tiers of partners on the Supply side, Demand side or End-to-End.




VCRP enables companies to intelligently respond to the constant change in supply, demand, products and partners to improve perfect order fill rates, increase inventory turns, lower execution costs and abate supply chain event risk. Vecco is the first solution providing true end-to-end multi-tier visibility, real-time planning, collaboration, analytics and transaction execution all in one user configurable SaaS platform. This creates an overarching collaborative business process by interlinking the brand owners’ and existing partners’ heterogeneous IT systems, but without requiring “adapters” or traditional data integration toolkits.

We provide comparable levels of visibility, planning and control across value chains, that ERP does within an organization’s own “4 walls”. Enables clients to seamlessly interact in real-time with any partner in the end-to-end value chain driving improved perfect orders, higher inventory turns, lower execution cost, and event risk abatement. We have special capability for complex materials and service processes that require lot traceability, serialization, special quality, custody, or environmental controls. Supports value chains with co-products, by-products, disassembly, for discrete, batch and process industries. Typical applications include Life Science, Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Medical Devices and Supplies value chains. VCRP has proven implementations in high tech, pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged goods scale from dozens to over 3,000 users and dozens to hundreds of trading partners.

The World is Flattening – Let’s Get Moving!

The World is Flattening – Let’s Get Moving!

Global flattening and the exponential advances in technology are revolutionizing the way we live and do business! This is an era where mind boggling advances in a new digital infrastructure, changes in public policy and the effects of globalization are enabling... read more

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VCRP™ Has Proven Implementations To Over 3,000 Trading Partners

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