Use Case: Multi-Tier FDA Controlled Materials Disaster Response

Catastrophic Supplier Failure Event

Client’s sole sourced, FDA regulated, vendor for a major product suffered a catastrophic plant wide explosion and ceased production.


  • Client used Vecco tools to analyze 17 worldwide sites with possible inventory containing the finished goods or usable forms of the critical Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient
  • Answers to Management regarding global supply on hand and demand for same in minutes, not days or weeks
  • Production team rapidly identified and certified 3 alternate vendors
  • Vecco tools utilized to rapidly reconfigure processes to spread load across 3 vendors, including reconfiguring logistics and materials planning
  • Production team coordinated restart, as plants using Vecco VCRP™
  • Customers were informed in real time throughout recovery process
  • No Customers were lost

 Enabled fast recovery from Catastrophic Vendor plant failure

The World is Flattening – Let’s Get Moving!

The World is Flattening – Let’s Get Moving!

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