VCRP™ for Multi-Tier/Site Life Science

Complete root supplier to end customer multi-tier value chain Planning, Visibility and Collaborative management solutions pre-configured with dozens of customer, distributor, supplier and sub-supplier partner sites in ready to populated with Customer, BOM, Partner, Supplier, Sub-Supplier and logistics data. Data can come from yours and your Partner’s FDA Validated MES, QC, Recall, Logistics, Clinical and ERP implementations, and VCRP can be the system of record for data you do not currently have in your applications. In either case, the information required to make your complete solution work is synchronized among the key partners you actively need to collaborate with. VCRP™ supports all EDI and B2B exchange “flavors”, so any existing or future connectivity requirements can be supported via configuration. VCRP™ can be integrated with all major medical ERPS as well.

Improve product integrity across Value Chain

  • Multi-tier lot traceability down to point of use
  • US, EU, China Drug Safety Act compliance
  • Focus and refine recall impacts
  • Chain of Custody: spoilage, theft, counterfeiting/gray market

Sustain Continuous Differentiation

  • Enable Adaptive processes to capture new market opportunities
  • Kitting, co-packing, late stage labeling, omni-channel fulfillment
  • Recall execution, inventory balancing

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