Use Case: Multi-Tier Lot Traced Demand Planning

100% Outsourced Cosmetics Value Chain With Global Scale Customers

  • more than 24 manufacturing sites in 3 tiers
  • more than 10 distribution sites in two tiers
  • more than 800 planned store sites
  • None owned by Client
  • Integrated to NetSuite
  • SPS Commerce B2B Exchange integration for high volume Demand data
  • less than 24 persons in entire customer organization

Demand Planning and Supply Planning

  • Store network visibility
  • Multi-site consigned Inventory management
  • Forecast collaboration
  • Project/Event planning collaboration
  • Planning BOMs and Actual BOMS
  • Supplier Production planning
  • Supply plan / production synchronization
  • Dynamic replenishment
  • Logistics visibility, alerting, coordination
  • ETA recalculation tool

Facilitating onboarding of 800 new customer store sites

Supporting continuous double digit growth rates

The World is Flattening – Let’s Get Moving!

The World is Flattening – Let’s Get Moving!

Global flattening and the exponential advances in technology are revolutionizing the way we live and do business! This is an era where mind boggling advances in a new digital infrastructure, changes in public policy and the effects of globalization are enabling... read more

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