VCRP™ for NetSuite™ Customers

Vecco VCRP - Built for Netsuite

Vecco VCRP™ has been certified as a ‘Built for NetSuite’ Application. It provides complete root supplier to end customer multi-tier supply chain Planning, Visibility and Collaborative management solutions. VCRP is pre-configured with dozens of customer, distributor, supplier and sub-supplier partner sites ready to be populated with Customer, BOM, Partner, Supplier, Sub-Supplier and Logistics data. Data can come from your NetSuite implementation, or VCRP™ can be the system of record for data you do not currently have in your NetSuite application. In either case, the information required to make your complete solution work is synchronized with NetSuite and/or with the partners you actively collaborate with. VCRP™ supports all EDI and B2B exchange “flavors”, so any existing or future connectivity requirements can be supported via configuration.

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VCRP™ Has Proven Implementations To Over 3,000 Trading Partners

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