Built-in Services

Vecco’s Collaborative Application Framework (CAF) business applications platform is built upon a foundational array of sophisticated generic services that enable it to address a wide range of business processes from very simple to highly complex, collaborative processes. Key elements include:

Business Process Management

  • Business processes can be graphically generated using the Vecco Business Process Studio
  • Business processes can be nested (one business process can invoke another)
  • Business process execution is supported by a suite of built-in services
  • Agents can be deployed as plug-in services to accomplish complex tasks in business processes

Business Agent Framework

  • Graphical design and creation of business and integration agents
  • Suite of pre-defined agent components and design templates
  • Agents leverage other built-in services allowing them to be “lightweight” and easily adapted
  • Agents can be deployed on remote servers to support data synchronization and integration

Alert/Event Management

  • Real-time event generation and propagation
  • Publish & Subscribe based event delivery
  • Real-time business alerts generation and notification
  • Alert lifecycle management and problem escalation
  • Email and other Personal Communication Devices (PCD) event pushing

Historical Metrics Data Processing Flow

  • Powerful math engine for computing statistics
  • Bucketizer for aggregating events into planning periods – telescoping periods supported

Business Reporting & Analysis

  • Web-based reporting and analytics environment
  • Graphical wizards for easy creation of business reports & analyses
  • Multi-dimensional data aggregation and visibility
  • User definable dimensions for analytical purposes

System Management

  • Web-based system management console
  • Supports distributed system management in a multi-partner environment
  • Run-time monitoring of system components
  • Alerts and email delivery on critical system exceptions
  • Supports standard network management protocols such as SNMP


The Refrain is the Same: Can You See Me Now?

The Refrain is the Same: Can You See Me Now?

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