Built-in Services

Vecco’s Collaborative Application Framework (CAF) business applications platform is built upon a foundational array of sophisticated generic services that enable it to address a wide range of business processes from very simple to highly complex, collaborative processes. Key elements include:

Business Process Management

  • Business processes can be graphically generated using the Vecco Business Process Studio
  • Business processes can be nested (one business process can invoke another)
  • Business process execution is supported by a suite of built-in services
  • Agents can be deployed as plug-in services to accomplish complex tasks in business processes

Business Agent Framework

  • Graphical design and creation of business and integration agents
  • Suite of pre-defined agent components and design templates
  • Agents leverage other built-in services allowing them to be “lightweight” and easily adapted
  • Agents can be deployed on remote servers to support data synchronization and integration

Alert/Event Management

  • Real-time event generation and propagation
  • Publish & Subscribe based event delivery
  • Real-time business alerts generation and notification
  • Alert lifecycle management and problem escalation
  • Email and other Personal Communication Devices (PCD) event pushing

Historical Metrics Data Processing Flow

  • Powerful math engine for computing statistics
  • Bucketizer for aggregating events into planning periods – telescoping periods supported

Business Reporting & Analysis

  • Web-based reporting and analytics environment
  • Graphical wizards for easy creation of business reports & analyses
  • Multi-dimensional data aggregation and visibility
  • User definable dimensions for analytical purposes

System Management

  • Web-based system management console
  • Supports distributed system management in a multi-partner environment
  • Run-time monitoring of system components
  • Alerts and email delivery on critical system exceptions
  • Supports standard network management protocols such as SNMP
The Refrain is the Same: Can You See Me Now?

The Refrain is the Same: Can You See Me Now?

Every year there are several surveys asking supply chain executives to rank the challenges they face. And, for as long as I can remember, supply chain visibility ranks at or near the top. This year’s reincarnation of the control tower metaphor is being applied to supply chain visibility. Can you see me now? If it’s so critical, why haven’t we implemented it? —Rich Sherman, Supply Chain Discipline Expert at Trissential The supply chain landscape is composed of many different applications and systems often within an enterprise, let alone the inclusion of the customers and suppliers required to achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility. It’s a complex functional and technical network. There are many vendors addressing the issue; after all, in many ways it represents the Holy Grail. However, the problem is that for supply chain visibility to work, many systems from many vendors are going to have to interoperate. And, which company in the supply network is going to be the “mother ship”? Your customer and supplier base are composed of competitors to one another and you’re not their only trading partner. Like them, you have competitors that are their customers and suppliers. Aha! Perhaps this is the reason that for as long as we can remember, supply visibility is the most desired yet underserved solution in supply chain. That is not to take away from the number of vendors that are providing visibility to a limited subset of the supply chain. There are some solutions in transportation, electronic transaction exchange, procurement, intra-industry collaboration, and other functional capabilities that provide control-tower-like applications. Just no one seems to be addressing a company’s entire supply chain. Well, no one except Hewlett-Packard. In contract with Vecco International, H-P defined and developed a technology agnostic collaboration platform, primarily to incorporate their supplier base... read more

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