SaaS Platform Architecture

Vecco’s CAF business applications platform with its service oriented, model-driven architecture powers the VCRP™ suite of business network solutions and offers the following key features:

  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Services are recursive, inter-accessible, scalable and support synchronous, asynchronous and time-scheduled access modes
  • All services are exposed as Web Services and accessible externally

In-Memory Data and Process

  • CAF works in memory in real-time with long term persistent data storage

Deployment by Configuration

  • No coding required — Applications are created rapidly by configuration using built-in tools Applications are quickly adapted to accommodate changing requirements with CAF’s Studio and
  • Network Configuration tools
  • Power users configure new processes and modify/maintain existing value chain flows without programs or scripts. CAF Tools have simple drag and drop built-in blocks, drop down menus and easy to use pre-defined actions with “mass change” capabilities

Business Object Based

  • Business objects are the primary data structures in the system, shielding the low-level relational data layer
  • The Business Object Modeler supports graphical definition and quick deployment of business objects
  • The Business Object Engine supports runtime dynamic mapping between the business object model and the underlying relational data model as well as data query and manipulation operations

Business Process Enabled

  • Business Process Framework allows for easy mapping between actual business processes and system-executable processes to speed implementation

Agent Powered

  • Agent Framework provides rapid generation and deployment of business logic and business integration using intelligent agents

Event Driven

  • Events and alerts are generated and propagated in real-time throughout the system
  •  Publish/Subscribe methodology enables efficient “push” of event-triggered actions by agents and users


  • Supports most standard communication protocols for integration (Web Services, HTTP, MOM, database, COM, CORBA, sockets, FTP, files, etc)
  • Graphical process editing and data mapping for rapid and low-cost integration

Highly Scalable & Reliable

  •  Stateless server architecture supports load balancing and on-demand scalability
  • Fully supports 24×7 availability, guaranteed delivery and fail-over throughout the system
  • Hot backup/Hot fail-over options


  • Full multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Absolutely no engineering changes required to add new languages

CAF and VCRP are multi-tenant SaaS Solutions

  • Vecco runs VCRP Solutions for clients in our secure US “DOD grade” secure datacenter
  • Vecco offers options to run single tenant instances of VCRP in a large client’s own datacenters at extra cost.
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