The World is Flattening – Let’s Get Moving!

Global flattening and the exponential advances in technology are revolutionizing the way we live and do business! This is an era where mind boggling advances in a new digital infrastructure, changes in public policy and the effects of globalization are enabling... read more

The Refrain is the Same: Can You See Me Now?

Every year there are several surveys asking supply chain executives to rank the challenges they face. And, for as long as I can remember, supply chain visibility ranks at or near the top. This year’s reincarnation of the control tower metaphor is being applied to... read more

Responsibility Lies with Leaders

First published in the April 2012 edition of the Lean Management Journal (LMJ) and republished here with permission. When it comes to sustainably and profitably growing an organisation in the face of changing market conditions, Roddy Martin identifies various... read more

Collaborative Supplier Relationships – Best Practices

Collaboration with business partners can yield significant benefits including increased supply assurance, reduction in latency and lower inventory levels, faster product innovation cycles, increased flexibility to respond to change and increased revenue. While the... read more

2015 Supplier Collaboration Requirements

Business Is Changing – FAST In today’s fast-moving and highly interdependent global marketplace, companies are increasingly reliant on complex networks of trading partners, suppliers and outsource service providers to succeed. How effective they are at... read more

Ferrari Group Backs Vecco

We’re happy to share a recent post on Supply Chain Matters, written by Bob Ferrari, Ferrari Consulting and Research Group: “When I was an industry analyst at AMR Research covering the supply chain planning area, I had the opportunity to evaluate and... read more

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